Reform The prison system

Inmates are released to find themselves in a bigger prison.

New York State spends billions on an ineffective prison system. 

Prisoners leave poor conditions to find that they lack the necessary skills to properly reintegrate into society. The fact that they were formerly incarcerated may prevent them from finding a decent job, forcing them to return to a life of crime to survive. 

This is a huge societal issue. Our prisons place an emphasis on punishment over rehabilitation. This is another situation that benefits absolutely no one. Instead of spending billions of dollars on keeping non-violent offenders locked in a cell for the majority of the day, prisoners can be placed in either educational or vocational programs. Once these programs have been completed, approved prisoners can be reintegrated into society, reducing the recidivism, incarceration, and crime rates. The money currently in the prison budget can be reallocated to more effective causes, such as college financial aid. Skyler will work with field experts to implement such programs in a safe, effective manner.