Protect the community

It's easy to become complacent.

When you've been in power for decades, it's extremely easy to forget who put you there. 

No matter who you are, you deserve to be represented. In the senate, Skyler will vote for the protections and best interests of all members of our society. A senator's job is to protect his or her community, regardless of who they are. A constituent should never feel that their voice is being ignored based on their gender, skin color, sexual orientation, party affiliation, or any other qualities or traits that we are free to express. We are all members of our community, and deserved to be treated with respect. 

Our community faces many challenges. From climate change to dwindling populations to poisoned water supplies, the issues we deal with on a daily basis are nothing less than ridiculous. We have watched the price of living increase and the quality of life decrease. Once elected, Skyler will work every day to reverse this trend.