Meet skyler

Skyler Quinn Johnson is a Long Island native.

Growing up, Skyler became acutely aware his home was suffering. The beautiful natural spaces he once played in and admired were destroyed for unnecessary commercial use. Meanwhile, businesses that had been in existence for as long as he could remember were forced to close down. At the height of the financial crisis, Skyler watched helplessly as millions of families, including his own, struggled just to survive.

Over, Skyler came to realize that he could make a difference. Whether it was a successful petition to school administration for reasonable disciplinary measures, or meeting with other young people to advocate for change, he tried his hardest to build an island closer to the one that he dreamed of. 

Skyler has become frustrated with his elected officials. He sees the injustices brought by those in power, and aims to correct them. As a team member for local elections, Skyler constantly speaks with upset and angry constituents. He sees college students working 60 hours a week to afford full time education, and senior citizens barely surviving in a harsh economic climate. Skyler recognizes that no one is being truly represented.

If elected, Skyler will work everyday with passion to restore Long Island. He will fight for economic and social equality. His plans will help to increase the quality of life for everyone, from all walks of life. Skyler will stick to his values, call out corruption, and help to usher in the new generation of leadership that New York needs.