Make Housing affordable

Housing is a human right.

Today, Long Island is facing a housing crisis. People of all ages are forced to leave the island due its lack of affordable homes. 

Affordable housing units have been built in the past. However, "affordable" is a stretch. A family of four making just under 40,000 dollars a year, who would qualify and benefit from these units, would end up spending more than 55% of their yearly income just on their mortgage. The families who could afford these units (often barely) are told they make too much money to qualify.

This is unacceptable. A family should never have to go bankrupt to try to afford a home. 

Skyler will work to mitigate this crisis. He will make sure the income cap is raised to allow more families access to units that may be their only chance of staying on the island. He will ensure that New York State subsidizes some of the expenses of owning these homes. 

Skyler knows that housing is a human right, and will work to make sure it is available to all who need it.