Protect The Community


Too often, large portions of the population are ignored by their representatives. No matter your age, gender, religion, or political affiliation, Skyler will communicate with you and lead with your best interests in mind. 

Fight For LGBTQ+ Rights


We've reached an age where LGBT rights should no longer be something we have to fight for. Skyler will fight to end discrimination against sexual orientation and gender identity.

Make Education Accessible


Young people are leaving New York after finding themselves waist deep in debt, and unable to afford the cost of the state. Skyler will introduce legislation to increase student loan forgiveness and financial aid programs.

Reform The Prison System


Every year, thousands of former inmates are placed back into jail. A flawed prison system leaves released inmates with limited skills and limited opportunities. Skyler plans to enact legislation to increase the effectiveness of the prison system. 

Bring Back Transparency


Recently, our leaders have become disconnected from the public. They are not up front about their plans to enact or support legislation. After holding office for decades, they fail to maintain an honest relationship with voters. Skyler will make sure to reopen those lines of communication while keeping his constituents informed.

Engage Young Voters


The youth of today will be responsible for the earth's future. Despite this, they are often dismissed by those who hold power. Skyler, being part of a young generation, can understand what is important to younger constituents and work with them to build a state they can be proud of.